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Baby products

Baby products business division

We aim to help the whole family their happy parenting, our childcare product brand ChuChu plans and develops products with full of ideas reflecting real voice of our customers.
We offer a wide range of genres and products with the strict quality standards for childcare products from the molded products to liquids, such as nursing products, cleaning items, breast milk pads, and skin care products.

Healthcare products

Based on the quality control system and various tests cultivated in condoms which are medical devices, we provide items that are helpful for sexual problems and health.
In addition to the condoms known as Glamorous Butterfly and ZONE having characteristic of jelly, we have the lubricating jelly known as Lube Jelly that was released for the first time in Japan.
As well as manufacturing, we are also working in support of awareness-raising for sex education based on the idea of Reproductive Health & Rights.

Healthcare products business division

Oral care products

Oral care products business division

With the theme of oral care by the whole family, we develop products through industry-academia collaboration utilizing the L8020 lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus rhamnosus KO3) discovered at Hiroshima University.
Utilizing the material as lactic acid bacteria, we would like to support your smile with healthy teeth by proposing products such as tablets and liquid foods for babies, mouthwashes and toothpaste gels for general use, according to generations and life scenes.

Medical and other products

Based on the achievements in each business, we provide the products, such as covers used for ultrasonic probes, lubricants for improving image quality, and Etak that can efficiently maintain the clean environment.
We produce them in a form that is useful for not only medical facilities but also specialized fields.

Medical and other products business division