JEX Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Greetings from a representative of JEX

Since its founding, we have been a comprehensive medical product manufacturer that supports your healthy life with our corporate motto and corporate philosophy of infinite creation, strong development, life of gratitude, and service to society.

Specifically, we classified the stages in life into five categories: LOVERS (hygiene products), WOMAN (health & beauty products), SENIOR (senior life care products), BABY & MOTHER (childcare / maternity products), and MEDICAL (medical products). We are planning and developing products in these business fields.

In addition, we hold the concept of reproductive health and rights as the current management theme. This aims to cover lifelong issues, not just women's sex, pregnancy, and childbirth, but from earlier girlhood to menopause and old age.

For everyone to live healthy and comfortably through life
For each person to swell their nurturing love
We will continue to contribute to society for a long time by delivering products that are truly good for our customers, based on our proud based on our strength in excellent technology and unique ideas that are second to none.

President and CEO Yujiro Kajikawa

Company Profile

Company name
JEX Co., Ltd.
December 7, 1960
300 million yen
Fiscal year
March 20 (once a year)
number of employees
137 people
Chairman and Representative Director Masateru Tsuji 󠄀
President and CEO Yujiro Kajikawa
Business content
Manufacture and sale of quasi-drugs, medical devices, cosmetics, childcare products, lifestyle-related products, etc.
Main suppliers
Okamoto Co., Ltd./Ands Corporation / Hanwa Sangyo Co., Ltd. / Taisei Kako Co., Ltd./Furubayashi Shiko Co., Ltd./Bizen Chemical Co., Ltd./Honda Plus Co., Ltd./
Headquarters location
2-3-12, Tanimachi Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan
TEL.06-6942-0551 FAX.06-6941-5235

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